It all began in 1976 as a family venture and is owned by E.D. Miller, along with sons, Doyle and Bert. The Brangus program initially started in 1981 when E.D. purchased his first registered bull and 25 commercial Brangus heifers. Between 1982 and 1998, E.D. and Doyle, a certified public accountant from Nashville, bought additional registered Brangus females and had increased the herd to 70 head. Son Bert, who resides in Memphis and is in real estate, joined them in 1998.

The trio then decided to expand the herd and raise the bar in terms of quality in early 1999. They were looking for better genetics and their efforts lead them to Cold Water Cattle Company, Mound Creek and Camp Cooley in their purchases and mating decisions. Seventeen years later, their collective efforts have been fruitful.

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